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About Danielle

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For years I was in denial of my gifts. My gift of intuition. My gift of sensing, and speaking with Spirit and the angelic realm, and my gift to be an open channel and sacred container for healing others. And as many sensitive souls do, I explored a number of other paths before surrendering to the right path! Teaching, Acting, Producing, Agenting, and on and on it went.


But the whispers of my soul kept calling me to train to develop my gifts.


As I would dabble and collect certifications, the whispers grew louder. They became more urgent and harder to ignore. And they said, you must use your gifts to serve others. They are not here to help you alone. They are meant to be shared. And so that is what I have dedicated myself to doing. To hold space for others to heal, to teach others how to connect to their team on the other side, and to guide them to stepping into their own sovereignty.


There are no shortcuts to living the highest most authentic version of ourselves. It requires courage, support, faith, and aligned action.


If you’re ready to do some excavating in your life, and to connect with your Angels and Guides to help you along the way, let’s hop on the phone and discuss how I can help.

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