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Angelic Medium 

Angelic Reiki Master

Energy Healer

Spiritual Mentor


Digital Audio Course

Go at your own pace

This course provides an introduction to several tools that can help us ground into our bodies using breath, visualization, EFT, Yoga Nidra, Reiki and more. This is a self-paced audio course with tools you can come back to time and time again.

Hi, Beautiful Soul, I'm Danielle.

For years I was in denial of my gifts. My gift of intuition. My gift of sensing, and speaking with Spirit and the angelic realm, and my gift to be an open channel and sacred container for healing others. And as many sensitive souls do, I explored a number of other paths before surrendering to the right path.


There are no shortcuts to living the highest most authentic version of ourselves. It requires courage, support, faith, and aligned action.


If you’re ready to do some excavating in your life, and to connect with your Angels and Guides to help you along the way, let’s hop on the phone and discuss how I can help.


The healing modalities I teach, along with the crystals and other divination tools I sell are all created with the intention to hold space for those who wish to​ heal, renew, and remember their truth on a soul level. I create space for community, empowerment and healing not only by tapping into my own intuition , but by teaching you to tap into yours!​

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Angelic Reiki

Reduce anxiety, promote healing, and balance the chakras. 

Intuitive Angel Reading

Create the mindset shift you need to course correct and follow your purpose.

Angelic Reiki Certification

Learn to support others and yourself as a reiki practitioner.

Guided Meditation

Achieve a sense of calm, peace and balance.


Connect to your higher self and your spiritual team. 

I'm Danielle

Danielle-red door-chin.jpeg

A soul-centered healer, teacher and intuitive. I channel divine energy through private sessions, group teachings, and writings to aid you on your path to wholeness and divine connection.

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