Become Empty to Be Full

There are seasons, cycles and rhythms for everything in life. Nothing lasts forever, and

all things are fleeting. Take the seasons for example. In the springtime, nature is teaming with life. Flowers and trees are in bloom, animals are giving birth and growing their brood. But when winter comes, the flowers die, the trees are bare and the animals are take shelter.

Humans too, experience a fleeting earthly experience. We are born into this world only to one day leave the earthly plane.

But the rhythm of nature is such that there is always new growth. People pass away, but babies are also born each day. The law of nature dictates that nothing lasts forever. Everything has its time.

As negative as that sounds, it also means that the bad times, the terrible days, the pain of a breakup, the death of a family pet, or the passing of a loved one - that hurt is fleeting as well.

Things must die in order for new things to be born. The same is true for ourselves. Releasing old patterns, habits, and limiting beliefs is the only way to make room for new, healthier patterns, beliefs and habits to be born.

If you have a closet bursting with clothes, and you go out and buy 20 more outfits, there won’t be room for them. But if you get rid of the outfits that are 10 years old, maybe the pre-baby items you haven’t fit into in 6 or 7’ll be able to make room.

This quote is about non-attachment. It doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things, but it does mean to not correlate those “things” with your self worth. Once you define yourself by your “stuff”, you are de-valuing yourself immensely. That “stuff” becomes your shackles. It ties you down.

Imagine having all the stuff but without the attachment. Your mentality would become “I have this and it’s great but if I didn’t have it, I would be fine. Having it is just gravy. And I know that all things are fleeting, so one day I won’t have it, and that’s ok too. I’ll enjoy it while I do, and I’ll be grateful.

Once you switch your mindset to not attaching yourself, you can be fluid, rather than rigid in life. You will be able to turn with the tides, and appreciate the seasons of all things- natural and material - and remain fluid rather than rigid.

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