Hi and welcome! I'm Danielle and I’m a meditation teacher, writer, reiki practitioner and retreat leader. In my former life, I worked in the Entertainment industry (for over 15 years) until I had become jaded, and unhappy. I was doing exactly what I thought I wanted to do but wasn’t fulfilled


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Danielle is a meditation facilitator based in central Florida. She teaches and co-teaches meditation based workshops on a variety of topics including intention setting, stress reduction, meditation leading into automatic writing,  and connecting with guides and angels. Her laid back teaching style keeps workshops and classes light and fun!

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Danielle is a certified Masters of Wisdom and meditation Teacher under Davidji (see About page). She is available to teach one-on-one private lessons in person or via zoom. She will teach you the fundamentals of meditation and create personalized guided meditations to suit your needs.

Mediation One-on-one: $65.00 and hour

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