A Crystal Healing Experience

Harness crystal energy to transform your life

This workshop is for everyone who has a great curiosity about crystals.


Perhaps you have quite a few crystals in your collection, but you don’t really know how to work with them yet. We will cover basic principles that will facilitate a new level of understanding of how and why we are so drawn to them and why crystals resonate with our personal electromagnetic field! Now, you will understand how to connect with your crystals, not only on a physical level, but also on emotional and spiritual levels as well.


Get ready to dive deep and expand your intuitive connection with beautiful crystals while you learn how to use valuable tools to heal, empower and connect within yourself.

Lynn (left), a Certified Crystal Healer, Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher and Intuitive and Danielle (right), a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher work together to create a transformative crystal workshop for you.

Join us for our crystal workshop that you can complete at your own leisure and return to the meditations time and time again.

Modules include:

  • How to cleanse and program your crystals

  • A guided "sensing your crystal's energy" meditation (mp3)

  • A brief introduction to sacred geometry and the science behind how crystals work

  • How to create and activate a crystal grid

  • A guided chakra clearing crystal meditation (mp3)

  • How to make gem elixirs

  • A guided crystal body layout meditation for personal transformation (mp3)

  • A powerful guided activity for harnessing crystal energy to change your personal intentions

  • A 20-page downloadable companion workbook

You receive unlimited, lifetime access to all modules for only


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