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Crystals and Sacred Geometry with Archangel Metatron Level  1

A 3-Part Online Crystal Course.

In this three-part, live Zoom class, we will learn crystal basics and more! These ancient wisdom keepers have great medicine to offer us, and by understanding how they function (from both a scientific and metaphysical perspective), we can learn to tap into the full potential of how they can help us and how we can utilize them to elevate our life and frequency.

Enrollment Now Open.
Class Dates: May 8, 15, 22.
6:30-8:00 PM EST



Crystals and Sacred Geometry with Archangel Metatron (Level 1)

A 3-week Zoom course to connect with and channel the wisdom of the Ascended Masters. 

In this three-part, live Zoom class, we will learn crystal basics and more! These ancient wisdom keepers have great medicine to offer us, and by understanding how they function (from both a scientific and metaphysical perspective), we can learn to tap into the full potential of how they can help us and how we can utilize them to elevate our life and frequency. 


This is a sneak peek of the syllabus:


In Class 1, we will cover crystal basics such as the science of crystals, how to cleanse, charge, and program them, as well as how to start creating a conscious dialogue with them. 


In Class 2, we will learn about platonic solids and Sacred Geometry. (This is a topic in which Metatron has much to share!)


In class 3 we will be introduced to the world of crystal grids. We will learn what they are, how to create them, and how to incorporate them into our lives (and healing practices).

Dates: May 8, 15, 22

Investment: $222

Crystals and your Healing practice with Metatron
Level  2

A 3-Part Online Crystal Course.

In this three-part, live Zoom class, you will learn to use crystals to enhance your clients’ healing experience. 

Enrollment Now Open.
Class Dates: June 12, 19, 26.
6:30-8:00 PM EST


Crystal Points Category.JPG

Working with Crystals in your Healing Practice with Archangel Metatron (Level 2)

A 3-part online crystal course


In this three-part, live Zoom class designed for healers, you will learn to use crystals to enhance your clients’ healing experience. You will learn how to create layouts to aid in balancing the chakras, releasing stored trauma in the body, opening the third eye, and much more! 


This is a sneak peek of the syllabus:


In Class 1, we will cover the basics of chakra energy as well as specific techniques for balancing the chakra system with the help of crystals. You will learn to identify and correct energetic imbalances in the chakra system as well as how to incorporate your intuitive guidance.


In Class 2, we will learn layouts for assisting our clients with emotional issues such as forgiveness and cord-cutting to aid in emotional healing.


In Class 3, we will work with crystals to promote enlightenment and spiritual growth for yourself and your clients, as well as how to connect with spirit guides and higher consciousness.


Dates: June 12, 19, 26

Investment: $222


Angelic Healing and Reading

A 90 minute virtual healing experience


Cost: $222

In a healing session, you will receive messages of love and support from the Divine. It is normal for various Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides to direct the reading and facilitate the healing that comes from their loving guidance. They will work through me to clear the energy that is keeping you blocked, stuck, and unsure of your next right moves. 


This 90 minute offering begins before you even hop onto Zoom! You may submit a few specific questions prior to your session, as I will spend 30 minutes before we virtually meet, to focus on receiving guidance that pertains to what weighs heaviest on your heart. 


Once the 60 minute Zoom session begins, we will discuss where you’ve been, why you are facing the challenges you are facing and what higher guidance would suggest you do moving forward. The angels and guides will often give you step by step instructions and practical applications based on the information uncovered during your session. The guidance I seek on your behalf is not only meant to give you clarity and acceptance, but empowerment and reassurance.

Working with the Ascended Masters

A 10-week Zoom course to connect with and channel the wisdom of the Ascended Masters.

Winter class is currently in session and full.


Crystal Course


A 10-week Zoom course to connect with and channel the wisdom of the Ascended Masters. 

Cost: $555 for 10 weeks


DATES: TBD (Estimated to start in May 2024)


MEETING TIMES: 6:30pm- 8:00pm EST

The Archangels and Ascended Masters are with us always. When we desire to learn from them and receive their healing and guidance, there is no limit to how we can heal, what we can learn, and how empowered and supported we can feel. In this course, you will learn how to channel their wisdom directly, and how to apply this wisdom in your own life. They will teach you how to embody your divinity, anchor your light on earth, and live your purpose with confidence and support.


We will work intimately with the following Ascended Masters:


  • Archangel Metatron 

  • St. Germain 

  • Jesus 

  • Mary Magdalene 

  • Mother Mary 


Learn how to work intimately with these beautiful beings of 100% love and light and feel how your life can change.

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1 : 1 Soul Mentoring

A 1:1 container to help you pinpoint and heal the blocks that are keeping you from boldly stepping into your highest and best version of yourself.

12 Sessions, once a week
60-75 minutes per session

Intuitive Guidance

Cost: $3,000

Working with Danielle offers a profoundly deep, healing and transformative program designed to unearth and transcend subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs standing in your way.


VIP mentoring is for you if you want to:


  • Connect to the wisdom of your Angels and Spirit Team

  • Learn how to access, trust, and act on your own intuition

  • Uncover fears, limiting beliefs and stagnant energy that’s keeping you stuck in your life or unsure about your path

  • Heal from situations that still leave you feeling disempowered

  • Embody your divine inner goddess – accessing the energy and answers required to move forward in your life with clarity

This personalized program gives you the tools to release fears and rewire your brain patterning in a way that has you feeling empowered and awakened at a cellular level. Drawing on my toolkit of meditation, mediumship, and energy work, together we will create the sacred alchemy required to change your experience of life and help you step into your soul’s true purpose.


What’s included:


  • 12 x 60-75min coaching/mentoring/intuitive guidance sessions (depending on your needs)

  • Session recordings that include action steps as dictated by your spirit team

  • Email/text support between sessions

  • 25% off any group course, workshop or certificate training I offer

  • Session value guarantee


This is a sacred, spiritual and at times – challenging pathway through which we will be calling on the Divine energies to help facilitate your deepest healing and manifestation of your true calling.


Applications are currently being accepted for a select number of available slots.


Click link below to book your free consult. On this 20 minute call, I will listen to where you are at, share with you how I can help, and answer any questions you may have about moving forward together. 


** Payment plans are available.



Angelic Reiki®
Levels 1 & 2
Certification Training

Next Certification Begins June 7th, 2024
Location: St Marys, GA


Cost of Certification: $555


Friday June 7th 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm EST

Saturday June 8th 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

Sunday June 9th 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST

Class will be taught in an intimate and peaceful setting. Snacks, coffee and tea will be provided. 

This workshop for Levels 1 & 2, is taught in accordance with the Angelic Reiki Association, over two and a half days. Students are attuned to both the 1st and 2nd degree during which students connect with the healing Angels who then work with each individual on a permanent basis.  Students will receive Reiki symbols received via Angelic vibration. These symbols were given to humanity by St Germain at the time of Atlantis.  

Training will include hands-on experience utilizing various different healing methodologies. There are three attunements: two to the pure Angelic vibration of the Reiki symbols as originally given in the time of Lemuria, and the third an initiation into the Angelic Kingdom of Light. This attunement literally changes the vibration of every cell molecule and atom of the physical body and attunes our consciousness to become more in line with that of the Angels. There are four healing practices, including self-healing and distance healing.

Aside from the attunements and teachings received, you will leave the workshop with: 

  • A master crystal to hold the Angelic Codes of Healing

  • A comprehensive practitioners manual

  • Certificate of training


Levels 1/2 Angelic Reiki® is the entry level training for everyone, including those who have achieved any level of mastery in other modalities (including Usui Reiki). The Levels 1/2 workshop is open to anyone aged 16 or over provided they can fully engage in the 2½ day (17 hours) workshop. 

  • What is Angelic Reiki?
    Angelic Reiki is a multi-dimensional system of energy healing that invites the high vibrational energies of the Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers to work on the root cause of any conditions that are keeping the recipients stuck, blocked or out of balance. It helps one to release emotional, physical, and ancestral imbalances across all time and space which results in a truly transformative experience.
  • How does it work?
    In a one-to-one healing session, the client lies down comfortably on their back while I place my hands on their body (usually one hand is placed on the higher heart and the other on their solar plexus). I’m then used simply as a channel to help direct the Angelic healing energy through my hands, and into the client. Note: I am not performing healing. I am simply the doorway for the The Angelic Kingdom of Light to connect to the person who is receiving healing. I am simply holding space to keep this connection clear. If the client is unable to meet in person, then a distant healing session is always an option. Distance healing is equally as powerful as in person healing. Through intention and visualization, I make an energetic connection to you. This is made possible by the interconnectedness of all life and the life force energy of which all things are made. Healing energy is then sent through time and space to be received by your highest self exactly how it is needed. Distant healings are carried out over Zoom.
  • What does it feel like to receive Reiki?
    While each recipient responds to this vibration in their own individual way that best serves their highest good, most recipients report feeling deeply relaxed, as energetic blocks are being healed and released on a deep level. Recipients will sometimes see, feel or sense beings around them, or will feel very palpable shifts in their body. They may fall asleep. They may feel lighter or refreshed. Each experience is unique, and perfect in it’s own right. Rest assured that the healing was exactly as it was meant to be for your own highest good.
  • How do I prepare for treatment?
    If you book a distance treatment, please be sure to come hydrated, comfortable and in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the treatment, as well as for 15-30 minutes after the treatment has ended. Many like to journal, reflect or absorb the healing that has taken place after the session has ended, so it’s best not to be rushing off the moment the session has come to an end.
  • What might I expect after a treatment?
    You should continue to hydrate, get good sleep and know that you will be detoxifying on many levels after a session. You may feel weepy, tired, or drained. You may feel a desire to reflect, ground or be in nature. The important thing to note is that you will continue to release energetic debris after the session is over, so you will want to be gentle with yourself.
  • How often should I book a session?
    This is completely up to you. Some people like to book a session every 4 weeks, or every 6 weeks. Others opt to book a session bi-monthly, while others choose to book on an “as-needed” basis.

Angelic Reiki®
Levels 3 & 4
Certification Training


April 2024

in St Marys, GA

2 Sessions Being Offered

April 26-28

July 12-14


Cost of Certification: $644

Acceptance into this course is invite only

Healing With Mary


Friday 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Option 1: April 26-28

Option 2: July 12-14

Class will be taught in an intimate space.

This workshop is available to those holding an Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 certification and who are ready to progress to the next stage, either for personal development or to teach Angelic Reiki. 

This workshop is taught over two and a half days and is a powerful experience that lays the ground for awakening the divine within. 

It includes an additional three attunements encompassing 12 symbols and an activation of the symbols through all 12 dimensions by the Lord Melchizedek. This attunement includes The Master Symbol. The attunement into the Angelic Reiki Master Symbol is the invitation and spiritual blessing that paves the way to self-mastery. It is from this place that we can help others.

Levels 3/4 Angelic Reiki® requires prior successful completion of Level 1/2 with an approved AR teacher. 


Healing the Divine Masculine with Mary Magdalene

A 6-week Zoom course to heal the divine masculine
Cost: $333


In this 6 week zoom course we will be working with Mary Magdalene to heal the Divine Masculine. What does this mean exactly? And what does it entail?


Cost: $333 for 6 weeks


DATES: 7/22/24 - 8/26/24


MEETING TIMES: 6:30pm- 8:00pm

While teaching a completely different course, Mary Magdalene said to me, “this one topic - The Divine Masculine - needs to be its own course.” We always hear about the “Divine Feminine” and how it’s time for the this energy within us all to be reclaimed by us all, and yet it is helpful to first heal the wounded Divine Masculine within us all. You see, for thousands of years now, we have lived in a very patriarchal society. The masculine energy has run the show if you will. And now there is a big push for the pendulum to swing the other way. But what if neither of these extremes is the better way? What if what we all need collectively speaking, is a little love. A little healing. A little more of dropping into our hearts and bodies and finding our balance. 


In this channeled course, Mary Magdalene will speak (through me as the avatar), on the following topics:


          1. What is the “Divine feminine”?


          2. What is the “Divine Masculine”?


          3. What needs to be remembered, healed and acknowledged for balance between the two to be restored.


This course will involve meditation, contemplation, self-inquiry, channeled messages and teachings. 


I hope to see you there as I’m just as curious and excited as you to see what wisdom she has to offer us all!

Mary Magdalene
Healing Divine Feminine

Digital Audio Course

Go at your own pace

This course provides an introduction to several tools that can help us ground into our bodies using breath, visualization, EFT, Yoga Nidra, Reiki and more. This is a self-paced audio course with tools you can come back to time and time again.

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